Andrea Kenny

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Andrea Kenny

Socially Engaged Community Practitioner, Psychotherapist (Analytical
Psychology / Psychoanalysis), Trauma / Complex Trauma / MH Consultant,
Researcher, Writer, Workshop Planner, Facilitator and Supervisor /
Clinical Supervisor (LE/EBE/Workforce). FdA, BA (Hons), MA, HCPC, BAAT.

Andrea has over 27 years’ experience as a ‘Community Practitioner’ (participation, engagement inclusivity and empowerment), a ‘Socially Engaged (Practice) Facilitator (collaboration, social discourse, change) and as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, working with CYP, LAC (complex trauma), care leavers, families, survivors of ‘in care’ abuse/abuse, adults and groups, for statutory services, education, clinical/health, youth justice/justice, private practice & the 3rd sector. She is a trauma/complex trauma specialist and considers her greatest asset, as a practitioner, to be her ‘processed’ empiricist, lived experience of the care system.

Andrea combines relevant psychology, such as transference analysis, neuroscience (trauma responses/impact, neuroplasticity), psychosocial research/theories (attachment, object relations, etc), depth psychology (the unconscious realm: the deeper aspects of human behaviour, familial, interpersonal dynamics, responses and defences); mental health; case studies, her ‘in care’ nuanced insight (sensibility and expertise) and a
multitude of tools and techniques, such as a ‘trauma informed care’ (TIC) approach. This multifaceted perspective, enables Andrea to formulate progressive ideas and interventions, to share, support and compliment the work of those who deliver services, in general, to vulnerable CYP/families/people who have experienced adversity/poverty/trauma/complex trauma.
"Andrea is an insightful, creative and innovative practitioner and trauma consultant. Her specialist understanding and application of depth psychology has been invaluable in support of joint endeavours to influence care experience related legislation and in aspects of my own clinical psychology work. She is unwaveringly supportive, professional, passionate, and extremely balanced. A real expert by experience."
Dr Susannah Lewis
Clinical Psychologist

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