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The Podcast

The very first episode of the Trauma Resonance Resilience Podcast was recorded back in July 2019 with Dr Lisa Cherry as the host. During that time, Lisa has been in conversation with many of the known 'names' in the world of trauma such as Betsy De Thierry, Dr Kim Golding, Dr Lucy Johnstone and Dr Karen Treisman. Mostly, Lisa has enjoyed finding strong relational and trauma informed practices around the UK and sharing them with you. There are too many to mention here but you might especially enjoy Tim, Becca and Michael from Camden talking about Relational Activism or Luke Billingham speaking about the price we pay when young people don't feel they matter. From education settings, to social work teams, to researchers, all embodying the Knowledge Triad of professional practice, lived experience and academic research, you'll find hours and hours of a national resource we know you'll enjoy. Subscribe to the podcast here or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Brought to you from Trauma Informed Consultancy Services and hosted by Dr Lisa Cherry, this podcast is a multi-agency, inter disciplinary resource for those who work in education, social care, criminal justice or health and to listen to conversations that make a difference. Utilising the wisdom of lived experience, academic research and practice knowledge, we will support you in your work of developing trauma informed, relationally focused practice developing safe, supportive and healing environments. Our collective focus is threefold; preventing harm, not adding to harm, seeking to mitigate harm when it has already happened.

Join us as we explore better ways of working together, sharing emerging research the best practices, all while deep diving into empathy, connection and authenticity.

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