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“Empathy helps me know where I end and you begin”
If you’re hoping that becoming trauma-informed is one workshop away, it isn’t. Being able to offer the relevant, necessary and supportive environment to your setting is an ongoing process. Being trauma-informed is not a box to tick, it’s a way of serving your community with the consideration, opportunity and support to thrive.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to work with children, young people and their families, especially knowing the extent of vulnerability they have already encountered. With our training, you can walk away with actionable systems, practices and policies that can be implemented as soon as possible. Here are some of the ways in which our training has helped other institutions like yours.
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Having attended Lisa’s training in the past and followed her work closely, when we decided on belonging as a theme for our practice week, I knew Lisa would be the best person for our keynote session. 
Lisa was able to provide her wealth of knowledge, expertise and wisdom at delivering a keynote speech that resonated with practitioners from education/skills and social care- which evidenced the need to work together to promote the belonging of children we work alongside and the value of bringing together our knowledge and expertise to ensure the child’s journey is at the centre of our work. In addition to supporting our reflections in how we work alongside family members and children in ways which reduces shame, blame and fosters principles of positive regard, love and care.

Louise Spragg

Telford and Wrekin  Council
Trauma-informed training can take many forms; multi-day courses, one-day workshops, online guidance and mentorship, as well as plenty of resources throughout our website and channels. 

The more you can immerse yourself in the knowledge and tools surrounding trauma, the better equipped you and your team will be.

We’re here to help. To help you provide the trauma-informed space your people deserve, and to help those that need such an environment to feel supported, safe and hopeful. Find out more about the types of training we offer here.
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Lisa has provided four days of intensive training on Trauma Informed Practice to myself and my team of twenty Residential child care practitioners. The brief was no mean feat! The training has been inspirational from start to end and included a roller coaster journey of emotions for all. Lisa has been exceptional in providing opportunities to take a deeper look at ourselves, our value base, vulnerabilities and acknowledging shame.
Her ability to have you explore these in a safe, open and honest arena has ensured we have in place strong foundations to go forward and deliver Trauma informed care.

Gillian Mitchell

Witherslack Group
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