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Trauma Informed Training 

Here at TICS, we offer an extensive range of training sessions that are related to all aspects of how we can apply a Trauma Informed Framework to settings, services and systems. We work with education settings, Children's Services, Criminal Justice and Adult Services. 

Here are a collection of examples of training we offer. This is not an exhaustive list and all of our training sessions are created collaboratively to meet the particular needs of the setting or service. However, it is recognised that it is helpful to have an understanding about the kinds of training offered that may be helpful to you on your Trauma Informed journey.

Training Courses

Trauma 101 (Introduction to the impact of Trauma and adversity, basic neuroscience, understanding attachment)
Trauma Informed Practice in Practice
Trauma Informed Record Keeping
Trauma Informed Co-Production
Trauma Informed Research
Language and Communication Difficulties and Differences for C&YP with SEMH
Life story work
Restorative Practice
Emotion Coaching
Reflective Supervision
Understanding Behaviour is Communication
Zones of Proximity 
Preventing & Reducing Secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
Impact of language on children/young people
Self care & well-being for school staff
Self care and well-being for Parents/Carers
Safeguarding children in virtual reality environments
Helping children cope with loss
Communicating with children with disabilities
Working with refugees and asylum seekers (trauma informed approach and advocacy)
Understanding social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) 
Beyond The Score; A Strengths Based Approach to Adverse Childhood Experiences
The Making of Me; Identity in Care and Beyond
Mindset - impact on adults and children (what we believe about ourselves)
Trauma Informed Forest Schools
Trauma Informed community building
Peer mentoring
Nurture in schools
Emotional literacy and self regulation
Narrative Therapy
Therapeutic letter writing
Managing The Stress of Inspection
The Impact of Parental Separation
Child Protection - Supporting Children at risk of abuse and neglect
Engaging in Reflective Practice 
LGBTQ+ - Navigating sexual orientation and gender identity in your school
Mental Health and Well-being Audit
Trauma and Eating Disorder
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