Trauma Informed Safeguarding of Adults - A Guide


Safety and well-being are intricately intertwined throughout our lives. When a young person undergoes exploitation, it can have a profound impact on their mental health and lead to the development of harmful behaviours. Moreover, the disintegration of family structures can heighten the risk of homelessness, leaving individuals even more susceptible to exploitation. In some cases, individuals may resort to substance abuse as a means of managing the traumatic effects of exploitation, thus intensifying their vulnerability. Recognising these complex connections is crucial when addressing and supporting those who have experienced exploitation (Preston-Shoot, 2020).

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The cycle of abuse and exploitation extends beyond the age of 18, yet so many resources are geared towards children. This fails to align with the requirements of individuals during this crucial developmental stage, prompting many localities to consider adopting a more transitional and contextual safeguarding approach.

In the realm of adult social work, it is imperative to broaden our perspective on safeguarding responsibilities across the lifespan (SCIE, 2023). Adults, irrespective of age, may too find themselves exposed to continued harm after losing the support they once had. Addressing this issue requires a collective commitment to gain deeper insights, alter our approaches, and respond more effectively. Recognising the complexities of safeguarding young people and acknowledging the challenges of transitioning into adulthood is essential.

This guide outlines the principals of best practice and provides a guide to working effectively and in an informed manner with Adults and young people.

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