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Teresa Rudkin

Researcher, Speaker, Trainer, Social Worker
Teresa Rudkin is a registered Social Worker practising in children and family Social Work for 20 years. Her experience includes; complex parenting assessments and interventions related to mental health and parental substance misuse. Advocating for and building a whole school approach to mental health support for children. Facilitating professional learning events supporting children’s mental health.

Teresa is extensively trained in the specialism of Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) in children. Completing direct work with under 18s and providing consultations and surgery sessions to fellow professionals. Teresa’s passion is seeking to explore and understand cycles of intergenerational trauma. 
"Teresa implemented assessments and complex interventions with pupils, flexibly meeting their social and emotional needs and assisting the child’s network to ensure support plans were consistently executed. In my opinion her extensive knowledge and skills in safeguarding and trauma informed approaches were invaluable."

Paula Shakespeare co-worker, Education

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