Associate Suzanne Allan

Suzanne Allan

Teacher, Trainer, Supervisor, Coach
BA (Hons), PGCE, AATR, NLP Dip

Suzanne is a passionate and experienced teacher, trainer, supervisor and coach. Having worked across many sectors including Business and Social Care as well as Education, Suzanne is both highly knowledgeable and very relatable. She has had many years of experience learning about the impact of early life adversity and the benefit of a relational approach, both in the classroom, and at an LA Virtual School. Suzanne is passionate about sharing this knowledge with as many practitioners as possible to improve the education outcomes and lives of all children, including our most vulnerable.

Suzanne has worked with schools, school leaders, governors, social workers, foster carers, adopters, Educational Psychologists and SEN teams nationwide.

"Suzanne is so powerful in her enthusiasm and delivery it instills in you the need for change in how we approach the children who may have experienced difficulties."
Melissa, Teacher

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