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Mary-Anne Hodd

Teacher, Trainer, Speaker
Mary-Anne Hodd is a care experienced teacher, trainer and speaker. Combining lived experience and psychology, Mary-Anne works to support a deeper understanding of and improved outcomes for children and young people in care. Her ‘feelings-focused’ work has supported the longevity of placements, halting unplanned endings and contributed to changing narratives of what it means to be care experienced.

Mary-Anne’s work educates on themes of connection, identity, and strengths-based, therapeutic care, on subjects such as language, recordings, childhood trauma, transitions, the care journey and more. From decision-makers and team leaders to foster careers, practitioners and more, Mary-Anne’s work is transformative for anyone working with and around children and young people in Care.
"I am again blown away by the way she delivers her training. An inspired mix of properly informed theory with lived experience. Thought-provoking, actionable content that is delivered with compassion, possibility and hopefulness. I like too the combination of visual and practical delivery. Would definitely recommend Mary-Anne". 

Practitioner with To The Moon and Back Fostering
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