Associate Ciara McClelland

Ciara McClelland

Arts Psychotherapist, Social Worker 
BA(Hons) MA (Dramatherapy), MA (Social Work), Dip. (Personal Training) BADth, HCPC, BASW, CIMSPA
Ciara has over 12 years practice experience and specialises in working with children, young people, parents, families and caregivers impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences. In addition, Ciara works on relationship repair within traumatised systems, organisations and communities. Her approach is innovative, creative, therapeutic, and trauma informed, combining psychodynamic, dyadic, and somatic therapies.

Ciara grew up on the border in Ireland in the 1980s where community relational conflict and trans-generational trauma was rife. Born into a large extended family of emergency workers she was directly impacted by “The Troubles’. She has undertaken her own transformative healing journey through therapeutic exploration, academic learning and discovery, her journey has inspired her to help others to find safety and connection in their own relationships.

"Ciara has worked closely with our Adoption and SGO Support Team since May 2019 commissioned to offer Dramatherapy for our families. I value Ciara’s work because she successfully integrates a trauma informed flexible approach toward healing developmental trauma and attachment difficulties which includes 1:1 with the child, working with the parent/carer, and working dyadically/with the family which requires a breadth of skill. Ciara is vibrant, passionate, and sensitive to the family’s needs meeting them where they’re at using a PACE and somatic approach."

Kelly Johnson
Team Manager Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Team

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