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Brenda Rattray

Singing Therapist, Trainer, Speaker
Brenda Rattray, a resilient and inspiring Motivational Speaker, who in childhood endured 18 years of domestic violence, which profoundly shaped her journey. Amidst the turmoil, she discovered a wellspring of creativity within herself. It began with music, stories, and poetry, each offering a lifeline to her young spirit. When her father passed away, her grief found a new outlet in abstract art, where colors and forms spoke the words her songs could not.

In the silence of her pain, Brenda began to "hear" colours, transforming her anguish into large oil pastel drawings. These vivid creations brought solace and comfort to her soul.

As a published composer, Brenda shares how she navigates the 'paper cuts' of life's journey. Once silenced, she has learned to speak her authentic truth, hoping her experiences will inspire others to share their truths or, at the very least, understand that they are not alone in their suffering.

Today, Brenda's story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating how creativity can emerge from the darkest experiences, turning pain into powerful expressions of healing and resilience.

Singing Therapist, Trainer, Speaker

Brenda has worked extensively, internationally and is a published composer. In her long association with Goldsmiths University, her passion and focus are community and healing! She is an empathic speaker who curates conferences and runs training workshops on creativity, inclusivity, intersectional diversity, and representation to bring diverse communities together. She has worked with groups from every walk of life, including high-profile psychiatric hospitals, addiction centers, and BBC Orchestras. Working as a trainer for Women’s Aid, she achieved an Excellence in Education Award in 2014.

She is the founder of Voice Expressions, a music school where she creates training workshops that empower individuals to be their authentic selves. Through her work, she explores leadership with equity, compassion, and kindnes
"Brenda's leadership has made a marked difference on my professional practice. The care and precision with which she curated and led Sound Connections' Inclusive Practice conference was exceptional, as was her contribution to our recent Saved by a song conference. She inhabits space, creates space for others, and challenges those who are occupying spaces that do not belong to them. All of this is delivered with a joyful song, which is disarming and galvanising."

Shane Beales (He/Him) BA (Hons), MA, SFHEA. 

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