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Brenda Rattray

Brenda Rattray

Singing Therapist, Trainer, Speaker
Brenda Rattray has worked extensively, internationally and is a published composer. In her long association with Goldsmiths University, her passion and focus are community and healing! She is an empathic speaker who curates conferences and runs training workshops on creativity, inclusivity, intersectional diversity and representation to bring diverse communities together. She has worked with groups from every walk of life including high profile psychiatric hospitals, addiction and BBC Orchestras. Working as a trainer for Women’s Aid, she achieved an Excellence in Education Award in 2014.

She is founder of Voice Expressions a music school where she creates training workshops that empower individuals to be their authentic selves. Through her work she explores leadership with equity, compassion and kindness.

"Brenda creates a safe space to show up authentically, be vulnerable and share your voice." Sarah

"This class really helped me reflect my life through music and I found so much joy in that, how my life, music and people are interconnected." Mika

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