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Unlock the full potential of your school community by joining our DfE quality-assured Practising as a Trauma Informed Mental Health Lead (SMHL150) and becoming a certified lead. The best bit? It is fully funded for schools in England.
“Creating schools, services & systems that make the difference for children, young people and their families"
This course is meticulously designed to equip senior leads with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to implement an effective whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing. Overseen by Dr Lisa Cherry, the course has been written and will be led by, Gemma Fieldsend and Jessica Parkerr. (learn more here). This programme will provide you with a solution-focused toolkit, the knowledge, confidence and expertise to transform your school’s mental health.

This comprehensive training course covers essential areas such as mental health policy development, creating a mentally healthy school culture, identifying and supporting students with mental health needs, and promoting staff well-being. You will gain practical tools and strategies to enhance your school's mental health provision and create a positive, inclusive environment for all.
Jessica's ability to connect with the group on a deep and meaningful level was truly remarkable. Her compassionate approach, combined with her profound understanding of mental health, has made a significant impact on my work going forward.



Unlock the Full Potential of Your Role as a Senior Mental Health Lead

Are you ready to make a meaningful difference in your school? This programme
incorporates training, coaching and mentoring to enable you to: 
Enhance your Knowledge and Skills
Gain in-depth understanding of mental health issues affecting students and staff. Learn evidence-based strategies to support mental well-being and improve overall school performance.
Improve Student Outcomes
By implementing effective mental health strategies, you can help students achieve better academic and social outcomes. A supportive mental health environment promotes engagement, attendance, and academic success. Maslow before Bloom!
Professional Development
Enhance your leadership skills and career prospects. The course provides valuable CPD (Continuing Professional Development) opportunities, boosting your professional credentials and expertise in mental health leadership.
Supportive Community
Join a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to improving mental health in educational settings. Share best practices, experiences, and resources to continuously improve your school's mental health provision.
Tailored Learning
The course is designed to meet the specific needs of your school. Through expert coaching, you will receive personalised support and guidance to address the unique challenges and opportunities within your educational setting.
Positive School Culture
Foster a positive and inclusive school culture where mental health and well-being are prioritised. A supportive environment enhances staff morale, reduces absenteeism, and promotes a healthy, productive school community.
Empowerment and Confidence
Feel empowered to take proactive steps in addressing mental health issues. Build confidence in your ability to lead and advocate for mental health initiatives that benefit the entire school community.
Can I just take this opportunity to say it was a pleasure doing the course with Gemma. I have learnt so much and really enjoyed our working group. I am excited to continue my role as Senior Mental health Lead at our school and have gained so much from the course.


Course Structure
We enable you to meet the DfE’s 8 Learning Outcomes for Senior Mental Health Leads whilst also ensuring that your school’s mental health strategy is underpinned by the 6 Principles of Trauma Informed Practice (safety, trust and transparency, peer support, collaboration, empowerment, voice & choice and cultural issues).  

The course will help you to draw on the principles of trauma informed practice, and develop the model of ‘realise, recognise, respond and resist.’ How?
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These elements will ensure a holistic, trauma-informed approach to mental health in educational settings.

Together, we will delve into the current challenges that you may encounter when implementing whole-school  approaches; equipping you with practical strategies that can be readily applied to overcome these challenges.

With the increasing complexity of mental health needs in young people, we will consider how to respond to this sustainably and effectively by preventing harm and seeking to mitigate it when it has already happened. 

You will be supported to understand the policy and research context, how to promote belonging, respond to diverse needs, how to make effective use of partnership working in a way that is safe, supportive and creates encouraging environments.

Day 1 Outline

Creating a nurturing, trauma-informed school ethos and environment
Implementing a trauma-informed approach to staff wellbeing
How to create a staff wellbeing policy
Being the adult a young person needs
Creating a School Mental Health Policy
Considering a strategic change approach that fits your leadership style
Wrap up session

Day 2 Outline

Reviewing policies and action plans
Mental Wellbeing and how to monitor it
Trauma Informed Strategies to promote mental wellbeing
Partnership working
Student Voice
Engaging with 
parents and carers
Planning Long Term 
change and next steps
1st October and 30th January London
24th October and 5th February online
20th November and 6th February Manchester
4th December and 12th March online
13th March and 11th June F2F venue to be decided

For more information and to register for the course contact:

Don't miss this opportunity to become a certified Senior Mental Health Lead and drive positive change in your school. Enrol today and take the first step towards creating a mentally healthy educational environment.

Applying for the Grant

Adapted from the Department for Education website:

“You can apply for a senior mental health lead training grant to commence training within the 2024-2025 academic year by following these steps:
Eligible settings should complete the first stage of the application process to reserve a grant. In this form, your eligibility will be checked and you will be asked to make a series of declarations as described in the conditions of grant.
You will then receive confirmation that we have successfully received your application and you should proceed to book a DfE quality assured training course to commence by 31 March 2025. Please retain evidence of your booking, as this will be needed to claim your grant.
After submitting the first form, usually within 10 days, you will receive an email from DfE inviting you to submit the second stage of your application. In this form, you will be asked to provide evidence that confirms you have booked a DfE quality assured course – for example, a scanned copy, screenshot or photograph of your confirmation email or invoice from your training provider. Make sure that your evidence includes the title of the training course, the start date and the name of the training provider.
You will have at least 3 weeks to submit the second form, but if you do not submit within the deadline provided, we may release your place to other applicants to ensure grants do not go unclaimed. Look out for your invitation email to complete the second stage of the application process, as it may go to your junk folder.
You require a DfE login and you will then be asked for your organisation which refers to your school NOT TICS
Your application will be acknowledged
Upon approval, the DfE will email you with a 10-12 confirmation number as well as informing you of when you must start your training.
Book your training. Our code is SMHL150 and our course title is ‘Practising as a Trauma Informed Senior Mental Health Lead
We will invoice you.
Look out for a link stage 2 of the application process whereby you will upload our invoice.
The DfE application process leads you to the Leeds Beckett University online tool for finding a training provider so you may need to manually search for our course.

For more information and to register for the course contact:

If you encounter difficulties with signing in to the grant application form, please follow the steps below to link your account to your organisation:

Click on 'Organisations.'
Select 'Request an Organisation' from the related actions menu.
Search for your organisation using its name, URN, or UKPRN.
Choose your organisation from the search results.
Provide a comment explaining your need for access (this will be viewed by the approvers) and select 'Confirm'.
Change the icon padding to adjust the left spacing.
After submitting your request, it will be reviewed by the organisation's approvers.

For more information and to register for the course contact:

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