Building a Trauma Informed Relational Culture in Schools - Single Access


Building a Trauma Informed Relational Culture in Schools Webinar

Limited access to Cat Jolleys Trauma Informed Consultancy Services Ltd supports your journey to implementing a trauma infomred relational culture in your education setting.

Building a Trauma Informed, Relational School Culture

Using empathy and an understanding of child development and emotional regulation to create relational schools and settings - a Workshop Webinar presented by Cat Jolleys

We start with reflecting on the values underpinning why we work with children, what we want our schools to do and what challenges we are currently faced with. Next, we consider how developing neuroscience helps us better understand the needs of staff, children and families and how trauma affects regulation and how this knowledge, skills and language can contribute to more positive and productive relationships.  Finally, we understand how these relationships can enable us all to reduce exclusions and behaviours which challenge us and make our schools and settings a place of emotional regulation, care and learning.

The webinar has been designed to enable you to:

  1. Understand what we mean by a Trauma Informed culture and what the benefits are.
  2. Dispel some of the myths around Trauma Informed and Restorative practice and understand what they really offer, using evidence and research.
  3. Reflect upon the needs of everyone in the school community and how we can ensure they are met.

An informative, evidence-based webinar to provide opportunities for reflection, learning and discussion around changing the culture in our learning communities to help everyone thrive.

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