Children's Books on Belonging

Lisa Cherry
May 1, 2024

Today's post is from our Director Dr Lisa Cherry

I talk a lot about belonging being an antidote to trauma, a phrase underpinned by my research on care experienced adults who were also excluded from school and how they made sense of belonging. We have a human need to belong and will search for it in any way we can, regardless of whether it is what we might term 'healthy belonging' or 'unhealthy belonging'. Belonging is mutli-layered and complex but is largely felt as safety, acceptance and being able to feel part of something.

In a training session I ran this week with colleagues in Cornwall, someone was curious about whether there was a list of children's books on belonging. So I asked Twitter and what followed was the most fabulous list of so many books. And here they are:

I hope you really enjoy this list and any reviews would be welcome as we add a book review to our monthly newsletter! If you'd like to be added to the newsletter please drop us a message.

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