Writing For Healing

Lisa Cherry
December 22, 2022

Writing has long been used to satisfy the call to heal from emotional distress, to understand more of our internal workings and to share what we have learnt in the process of experiencing something we have struggled with or found traumatic.

I first learned of this wonderful healing ability in its full entirety as I wept into my laptop sometime in 2009 as I dealt with the opening up of my original wound of abandonment ignited by the end of a relationship. What I discovered however, was far more powerful than just the act of writing a blog on a medium that meant anyone could read my writing. It was also the relational aspect of this process. I write, I share, you read, you accept me, I belong.

I had never quite understood how I had found so much comfort in the initial writing but as I opened up to ‘you’, I started receiving emails from all over the world telling me that they felt the same, or knew what I was talking about or thanking me for sharing. Anonymous connection I might add did not detract from the power of it and it allowed me to be ‘me’ authentically and to truly get ‘real’ with not just the people who appeared to be resonating with my writings, but with myself. The writing of my internal space, provided a much needed narrative by which to understand myself more deeply.

If sharing your writing sounds terrifying, you might find that the private nature of writing is what brings you relief. Like everything, it’s a personal journey that is simply about you! That’s why a few years ago, I put together a Writing Journey which you can access HERE for free. 

Using writing to make sense of something that feels ‘stuck’ inside of you is a healing thing to do. Combine this with an empathic response from another person and bingo! We have some serious healing going on.

Remember this, the greatest therapeutic intervention that exists is the therapy of human connection. When we can feel a sense of belonging, an acceptance from others about who we are with all our imperfections and we integrate all of ourselves, we are then able to turn 360 degrees and face everyone with the messy reality of who we are. When we can do this comfortably, we can accept the messy reality of others too. What freedom that is!

Lisa Cherry 

Director, Trauma Informed Consultancy Services Ltd


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